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So much of life is about the connection we have to the people in our lives. We are extremely lucky

to have such a delicate and complex instrument as our voice to make those

connections and communicate. Each time we go to speak, our voice reveals our gender,

age, confidence, emotional state, education, maturity and the relationship to the person

with whom we are speaking. Whether we are speaking one on one with a loved one,

auditioning with a complete stranger or presenting to a room full of pupils,

the way our voice and body express our thoughts and feelings says everything about who we are.


Physiology and anatomy make up ninety percent of the preparation done by actors and business professionals. In a public speaking situation, the speaker’s body language makes up fifty-five percent

of the listeners' understanding. Learn how to use your body and voice to connect with your audience. 


Accents & Dialects

Alignment & Vocal Anatomy

Articulation & Diction

Breath & Support

Communication Skills

Daily Warm-ups

Interview Preparation


Public Speaking / Presentations Skills

Relaxation & Tension Reduction

Resonance and Projection

Singing for Actors

Shakespearean Text

Vocal Health and Safety

Voice & Text

Voice for Beginners

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