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Point Blanc’s mission is to give clients a foundation for effective vocal communication

and use this essential component in all areas of life.


Iris Warren, a pioneer in the voice world, advanced the science of voice production for British actors into a new phase in the mid-twentieth century by adding psychological understanding to physical knowledge. “How does it feel?” rather than “How does it sound?” and “I want to hear you, not your voice.”

Point Blanc’s view on voice work in general is to honor the past and celebrate the future –

to assist others in creating a clear and open connection between themselves and their voices.

This approach allows clients to consciously free anything that is blocking vocal freedom.

You are already enough; you already have all the tools within you. We just have to access them.


Einstein says, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Through a series of tools including imagination, relaxation, exploration and preparation, YOUR voice and YOUR essence will come to life. Think about it…When you hear the truth you know it, you feel it, you accept it. Whether you are looking to break through barriers in the performance world, your professional or personal life, the goal 

is to increase your presence, confidence, vocal clarity and dynamic expression. 

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